20 Interesting Psychology Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

20 Interesting Psychology Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Are you interested in psychology? It is a great, fascinating, and mysterious science. Some things make sense, but some, do not. So, below are twenty psychology facts that you should know.

1. Songs

A favorite song can be related to a certain and emotional event (1).

2. Music

Groningen University conducted a study and revealed that music has an impact on the way people perceive things.

3. Spending Money

There are many studies that say spending money on others is a way to make you feel happy. Giving gifts for birthdays and holidays will make you happy (2).

4. Experiences

Spending money on stuff makes you happy, but not that much. However, spending money on experiences will make you very happy. So, go and make some memories!

5. Children Are Strung

Nowadays, children are more strung than a psych ward person from the previous century. Unfortunately, too many people today suffer from anxiety, depression, and substance abuse.

6. Meditation Could Be Helpful

You should know that people who meditate are less stressed (3).

7. Money Can Make You Happy

75,000 dollars per year is an amount of money that makes happy an average American. With this amount they can have whatever they need.

8. Happy People = Happiness

Choose well the people you hang out with because you feel happier when you hang out with happy people.

9. 18-33 Are the Most Stressful Years

Education, work, and family, are three things that cause a lot of stress in people’s lives from the age of 18 until they turn 33.

10. Tricking Your Brain is Possible

Did you know that you placebo sleep is possible? When you have not slept well, you can trick your brain that you have had enough sleep to feel more rested.

11. Remembering a Past Event

When you remember something from the past, actually, you are remembering it as the last time you remembered it. That is the reason why memories fade with time.

12. Dunning Kruger Effect

This term describes an ignorant person that believes they are smart, and a smart person that believes they do not have enough knowledge (4).

13. Thinking in Another Language

The University of Chicago conducted a study and revealed thinking in a different language made people from Korea have decreased overall bias (5).

14. Goals

The chances to achieve a goal are lower if you talk about it often (6).

15. Chocolates

Good news for chocolate lovers! You need to know that eating chocolate is good because it releases the same hormone as when you are in love, so you are excited, alerted, and you have increased pulse rate. All of that results in happy feelings (7).

16. Hugs

Hugging someone for at least twenty seconds releases oxytocin, and you feel secure, safe, as well as connected to that person. Oxytocin lets you know that worry should not be on your list (8).

17. Tired Brain

When your brain is tired you are more creative. Well, this explains why we get so many ideas when we are in the shower (9).

18. Rejection

Neuroscience says that when someone rejects us, we feel pain (10).

19. Relationships

The University of North Carolina says that for a healthy life we need good relationships more than physical activity (11).

20. Schizophrenia

This is a very interesting fact. A blind person never develops schizophrenia, and here is why.