23 Tips to Live the Best Life Possible

23 Tips to Live the Best Life Possible

Besides the struggles and difficulties, we deal with, we must admit that life can be amazingly beautiful.

In the end, it is all up to us and on our focus. When you have a good life, you are filled with creativity, inspiration and positive vibes, you are simply alive and loving it.

Here, you will learn about 25 simple ways to have a great life.

23 Tips on How to Have the Best Life

#1 Accept Life

Yes, life isn’t always fair, but it is good. Regardless of how things are now, remember one thing there is always a new and better day.

#2 Follow the Old Rule

Follow the old rule which goes like this – eat breakfast alone, share your lunch with a good friend and let your enemy have your dinner.

#3 No Hate

Life is short, don’t hate! Good vibes only.

#4 Learn to Relax

Most people take life too seriously. You need to learn how to relax and enjoy life.

#5 Make No Comparisons

Never waste energy and time on comparing yourself and your life to others. Everyone is special and unique on their own. Everyone has a different journey filled with sorrow and happiness.

#6 You Are the One in Control

Don’t blame others for your mood and unhappiness. Regardless of what happens, you are in control; your life is in your hands.

You choose whether you are going to focus on the negative or the bright side of life.

#7 Disasters Will Eventually End

All have different disasters, but in 5 years they will be long gone.

#8 Regret Nothing

Do not go back in the past, try to stay focused on the present. Life is now.

#9 Eat Healthy

Try to the best version of yourself. Drink plenty of water and drink green tea. Try to eat natural foods, and do your best to avoid processed ones. Eat blueberries, broccoli and almonds.

#1 0 Other People’s Opinions Aren’t Important

Don’t focus on what people say or think of you. Accept the fact that not everyone will be fond of you or like you.

#11 Remeber That Things Change

Nothing in life is permanent. Regardless how bad or well something is, eventually it is going to change.

#12 Take Walks Regularly

Find 30 minutes on a daily basis and go for a walk. This can be your natural antidepressant.

#13 Time Heals

Regardless what happens, remember time heals.

#14 Don’t be Jealous

When it comes to jealousy, you need to remember one thing it won’t get you anywhere. There is no point in being jealous.

#15 Avoid Stress

If you feel stressed, take a second, breathe and relax. Find a way to deal with stress.

#16 Share Your Experience

Make other people happy and tell them what you do to have a great life.

#17 Offer to Help

Remember that when you are helping others you are also helping yourself.

Give without expecting something in return.

#18 Do Your Best Not to Waste Your Energy

Don’t waste your energy on past issues, energy vampires, gossiping or negative thinking. The best thing to do is focus on the present.

#19 Make Others Happy

Make other people happy and you will make your life better. Try to put a smile on someone’s face every single day.

#20 Appreciate the Silence

Regardless how busy life you have, find 10 minutes on a daily basis to just relax in silence.


#21 Agree to Disagree

Accept that you shouldn’t and cannot win every single argument. Sometimes, it is better to simply agree to disagree. In that way, you will feel calmer.

#22 Stay in Close Touch with Your Friends and Family

Give a 100% at work, but don’t forget about your friends and family. Your loved ones will be there once you’re sick, and not your job. Keep this in mind.

#23 Be Thankful

Every day you should think about the things you are thankful for. You should this every time before you fall asleep.