The Reason Why Blunt People Make the Best Friends

The Reason Why Blunt People Make the Best Friends

When it comes to friendship goals, there is one saying from Crystal Woods, and it goes like this: “10 minutes with a true friend is better than years spent with anyone less.”  So, who is that one best friend?

The friend who is brutally honest and gives you tough love is truly our best friend. If we look up the word “blunt” in the dictionary, we will see that it means – “uncompromisingly forthright.”

Did a face pop up in your head? Which friend is it? Everyone has one blunt friend. And sociology claims that blunt people are actually the best type of friends.

Why are blunt people, good friends? Read on to find out.

3 Clear Reasons Why Blunt People Make the Best Friends

#1 Blunt Friends Push You to Be Better

Most people find it difficult to tell their closest friends what are the things they need to work on. Usually, this is because of the desire not to make a rift in their friendship or to hurt the feelings of the other person.

Well, blunt people do not have these hang-ups. They are going to tell you what they think and where you are making a mistake.

Your life will change if you have people like that in it. You will become more concentrated, and positive on your priorities. When you need some honest criticism and feedback, they are the people you should turn to.

#2 Blunt Friends Tell It Like It Is

What does this mean? It means that blunt friends are going to be real with you, they are going to tell you the truth even when you won’t want to hear it. They believe in telling the truth so that people will deal with their situation.

However, this does not mean that they are cruel. Harsh, brutal and honest love is about telling someone you care about exactly what they must hear even if they do not want to hear it.

Blunt friends will never lie to you in order to spare your feelings. With them, you will know what you are getting. You will know that they will always tell the truth.

#3 Blunt Friends Won’t Let You Get Hurt

A blunt friend is the one that won’t put up with any type of wrongdoing against their friends or themselves. They aren’t scared to say what is on their mind and they will mean the things they will say.

When you need support, your blunt friend will be the first one there. They are always going to be by your side when you need them; they will always have your back. They know the truth, and they aren’t scared to fight for the people they love.

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