Bumblebee Has Officially Been Added to the List of Endangered Species

Bumblebee Has Officially Been Added to the List of Endangered Species

On the list of endangered species with the grizzly bear, the northern spotted owl, and the gray wolf, the bumblebee has been officially added. A Bumblebee ecologist and research entomologist, by the name James Stranger, talks on this topic.

He says that there are a couple of small places where people know they are, but just really few places. The scientific name of the bumblebee is Bombus addinis. Its name was given because of its red patch found in its abdomen.

Although the original lasting date as an endangered species was for February 2018, it was listed just now.

Sarah Jepsen, the Xerces Society director of endangered species, says that they are excited to see one of the most endangered species of North America get the necessary protection.

Now that is listed as endangered the bumblebee has a chance of surviving many threats from diseases to the use of neonicotinoid.

The Fish and Wildlife Service in America said that bumblebees are the most crucial pollinators of different crops such as clover, blueberries and cranberries, and almost the only insect pollinators when it comes to tomatoes.

One of the primary factors in the declining trend of the population was the human encroachment that caused subsequent loss of the natural habitat of bumblebees.

So, this classification might protect the necessary grasslands by these bees and other pollinators. A senior conservation biologist at Xerces Society, Rich Hatfield says that this is a positive step towards the protection and conservation of this species.

Now people must roll up their sleeves and start the actual saving that will help things recover. This move leads to new challenges.

The petition from National Cotton Council of America, American Petroleum Institute, the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, National Association of Home Builders and 2 entities to the Acting Director and the Secretary of the Interior of the U.S. Fish and Wildfire Service aim at getting the delay in the listing because the implications of this listing decision are hard to overstate.

This specific petition deems the listing of the bee as one of the most valuable species listing in decades when it comes to impact and scope on human activities.

Up to one-third of all the plants grown in America depend on pollinators and the populations of this bee is lowered due to the destruction of natural resources with generous use of herbicides and pesticides on GMO crops and monoculture.

The opposition to listing this bee is counterproductive because it is an endangered pollinator. Many people think that these conservation efforts should have started earlier and signed an agreement which urges the listing of this bumblebee.

Source: Healthy Food House