11 Foods That Can Help Prevent Clogged Arteries and Improve Heart Health

11 Foods That Can Help Prevent Clogged Arteries and Improve Heart Health

Our blood vessels known as arteries carry oxygen-rich blood throughout our body. They are supposed to have smooth inner walls, making sure the blood flows through them easily. However, some of us develop clogged arteries.

They occur when the substance called plaque builds up on the inner walls of the arteries, reducing the blood flow and sometimes even blocking it completely.

Clogged arteries are one of the most common reasons for stroke, heart attack, and even death. That’s why it’s very important to know what causes artery plaque and how to treat it.

According to WebMD, clogged arteries can develop due to high LDL cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, stress, family history, obesity, and sedentary lifestyle.

Although they usually don’t cause any symptoms, if the artery is blocked by more than 70 percent it can cause chest pain, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, sweating, and nausea.

However, diet is one of the factors that can help us prevent clogged arteries and improve our heart health. So, here are the best foods that can help you achieve that.

11 Foods That Can Help Prevent and Reduce Artery Plaque Buildup

1. Kiwi Fruit and Cantaloupe

These zero-cholesterol fruits help reduce the amount of plaque in arteries by preventing the fat from attaching to artery walls and converting into energy.

Cantaloupes are rich in Potassium which helps relax blood vessel walls and reduce the effects of sodium. This, in turn, helps reduce blood pressure levels.

2. Fish Oil

Replacing unhealthy oils with fish oil is one of the best things we can do for our arteries and health in general.

This oil is rich in omega-3s which help improve our memory, reduce inflammation, support heart health, raise good cholesterol, prevent and reduce artery plaque buildup, says Healthline.

Adding herring, sardines, or wild Alaskan salmon to our diet is another way to prevent the risks that come with clogged arteries.

3. Red Grapes and Berries

The flavonoids in these fruits are strong antioxidants which help decrease oxidative stress and prevent plaque from attaching to arteries. Plus, berries and red grapes are delicious.

4. Garlic

Garlic is one of the best veggies for our immune system, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels.

5. Grapefruit and Apples

Both fruits contain high amounts of the soluble fiber pectin which helps reduce cholesterol levels. What’s more, they are also good for our blood pressure levels thanks to the high amounts of potassium and magnesium.

6. Spinach

This green leafy vegetable is extremely healthy as it contains iron, potassium, calcium, folic acid, vitamin A, K, and C. It also contains dietary nitrates which help produce nitric oxide that regulates our blood pressure.

7. Olive Oil

Olive oil is healthy for many reasons, one of them being the high amounts of the natural antioxidant called oleocanthal. This antioxidant supports our cardiovascular health and prevents plaque buildup in arteries.

8. Tomatoes

Lycopene and other plant-based carotenes in tomatoes lower the amount of cholesterol in the blood, thus preventing high LDL cholesterol levels.

9. Green Tea

The flavonoid content in green tea aids weight loss and supports heart health.

10. Pomegranate

Studies show that pomegranate helps prevent artery plaque buildup. Also, it has powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties, and helps reduce blood pressure levels.

11. Turmeric

The active compound in turmeric, curcumin, helps improve the function of the blood vessel lining called endothelium. This is important as endothelial dysfunction increases the risk of heart disease by reducing the endothelium’s ability to control blood pressure and blood clotting.

Final Words

We should consume these foods and beverages more to keep our arteries and heart in good health. Regular exercise and stress management are other things we can do to prevent and reduce the effects of artery plaque buildup.

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