Grandparents Can Never Die, You Just Can’t See Them

Grandparents can never die, you just can’t see them. They are deep down in your heart, and they will stay there forever. Still, you might miss their voice and weird stories, their care, tenderness, and unconditional love.

The reality is most grandparents see their grandkids growing from babies to adults, while on the other hand, grandkids see them aging and leaving this world. In fact, to many kids, the death of a grandparent is the first time they have to say goodbye to someone.

But, the bond between grandparents and grandkids is special and strong, and it teaches about respect, appreciation, and love. That’s why losing a grandparent can have a tremendous impact on kids.

Dealing with Loss

You’re fortunate if your grandparents are there for you when you grow into an adult person. But, if you have to deal with their loss while still being a kid, it might be a bit more to process than you’re able to do for your age.

A kid can’t really understand what has happened to their grandparent, which actually makes the death bearable, not allowing it to hurt too much.

But, adults should tell kids the truth about their dead grandparents. They should be as honest as possible and use no metaphors. So, nothing but the truth!

And, if they want to explain the death from a religious point of view, they should tell it step by step as kids can only take a small amount of information at a time. So, showing the meaning of feelings and emotions is really important.

They should open up about “death” pointing out that this topic is not a taboo. Only then can kids understand its true meaning, even though it might take a while.

Grandparents Are Always Here

It may sound weird, but grandparents are there for you throughout your entire life. They are at the same place you used to spend time together as a family. And, they are in your heart, and will stay there forever.

The stories and wisdom they shared will guide you through life. Grandparents will always be there to help you and show you how to be yourself and enjoy every moment of your life.

Sharing in Silence

Even though you can’t see or hear them, you’ll always be able to feel their gentle caress. They are in the simplest things, like the old heirlooms they left behind.

Do not forget how much you love them as their love for you has helped you become the person you are today.

And most importantly, never stop sharing the love, appreciation, and care your grandparents have thought you with those around you.

It is only in that way that you can show how much you have learned from these amazing people in your life. Remembering them will help you become as good grandparent to your grandkids as they were to you.

Make your grandparents proud of you, and don’t ever forget them!

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