5 Ways to Prevent Others from Draining Your Positive Energy

5 Ways to Prevent Others from Draining Your Positive Energy

Surely at least once it has happened to you to feel bad vibe from someone and as if that someone is taking away your energy. According to science, every single thing has energy, including people.

The Belifed University in Germany made a study on this topic. This study came to the discovery that plants take in energy from other different plants (source). Isn’t that crazy?

You should know that there is a science which studies the way energy acts in living things. This science is known by the name bioenergetics.

The study involved Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, i.e. algae. Except for photosynthesis, algae come with another source of energy that is actually absorbing energy from other algae.

The author of this study is Olaf Kruse. Nature Site published the discovery of this German biologist. On the other hand, the human’s body is similar to a sponge, so are we absorbing energy from everything that surrounds us?

That could be the reason why some people don’t feel pleasant and comfortable around specific people. Human bodies might be similar to plants when it comes to taking in energy in order to nurture the emotional state.

Moreover, people are able to provide energy to the cells and raise the cortisol levels and catabolize.

This could explain why some individuals often have mood swings, and these same people are optimistic, laughing, happy and stressed, sad, anxious and angry.

Some scientists believe that throughout all of these years, people have lost the connection to nature, in which absorbing of energy might be good for us.

As a matter of fact, our spirit is energy. No, there is nothing supernatural here, but this is simply the manifestation of numerous energies around the world.

The truth is that ancient cultures from around the world already knew this, but scientists simply ignored it.

Others are probably afraid of criticism or maybe rejection by the scientific community.

Still, you can try some methods to prevent an energy exhaustion. Read on to find out more.

5 Ways to Clear Your Space and Stop Energy Exhaustion

1. Try to Be Centered and Grounded

If you can stay focused when it comes to your spiritual self, you can see if there is something more to the picture. Therefore, the best thing to do is try to be grounded and centered.

By being grounded, you can give off emotions and energy to other people thanks to your bond with intuition.

2. Do Your Best to Clean Energy

In case you want to do some energy cleaning, what you need to do is imagine a gold shower and your aura. In that way, you will allow the gold energy to enter your aura and space, and you will feel clean and fresh.

3. Always Get Back Your Energy

If you have energy surrounding you, the energies of other people will find it difficult to get to you. Therefore, try not to focus on other individuals, and focus only on your energy.

How to get back your energy? It is simple; imagine you have a golden sun which is on a couple of centimeters above.

In that way, you will get back your energy. Bring the sun down in your aura and put in your space.

4. Don’t Resist

In case you are in a situation where you are surrounded by people who make you feel bad, you shouldn’t resist them since that energy will stay with you.

In order to be in a non-resistance state, you need to imagine yourself as s clean glass of water. This is how the negativity won’t be able to get in you.

5. Aura Space

Above we have mentioned using your aura space. But do you know what this is? Well, first you need to understand that every single person has an energy aura. In case you don’t have it, you’re vulnerable to other people’s energies.

In order to stay safe, you need to have an aura space and be aware of it. Bear in mind that the only person that has control of over your life, is you and only you.

Express your opinion, be cautious about who you let in, solve your issues, accept the fact that not every single person is going to like you and learn how to ignore the bad vibes around you.

Use your energy properly and take control over your life, right now!

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