An Eye-Opening Story That Teaches Us to Respect Our Parents in Their Old Age

An Eye-Opening Story That Teaches Us to Respect Our Parents in Their Old Age

An 80-year old father was sitting in his house with his well-educated 45-year son. At one point, a crow approached the window while the old man was sitting on the coach.

So, the man asked his son what that was, to which the son replied: “It’s a crow.” After a few minutes, the old man asked the same question. The son’s answer was “I’ve told you that it’s a crow.”

Soon, the father asked his son the same question. This time, the son replied “A crow. It’s a crow!” but you could feel an expression of irritation in his tone. After a while, the old man asked the same thing once again “What is it?”

This time, the son yelled “How many times I’ve told you that IT IS a crow? Can’t you understand? It’s a crow! Why do you ask me the same thing over and over again?”

After several minutes, the father went to his bedroom, returning with an old diary. He had written so many things about his son’s birth in it, so he asked him to read the first page.

So, here’s what was written in the father’s diary:

“Today I was sitting on the sofa with my 3-year old son, and a crow came to the window. My child asked me “What is that?” for 23 times.

I’ve answered it was a crow every time he asked me, or 23 times. Every time he asked me I would have hugged him so lovingly, so that was 23 sincere hugs. And, I was neither irritated nor angry at my innocent son. Instead, I felt affection for him.”

As you can see, the father never got irritated although his son asked the same question over and over again, 23 times. On the other hand, the son felt annoyed and irritated when hearing the same question for just a few times.

So please be kind, cool, humble, and obedient to your old parents. Don’t look at your parents as a burden or repulse them. Instead, be considerate to them starting from today.

Promise that you will always be there for your parents just like they were for you when you were just a kid. Remember that they have gone through a lot just to help you become the person you are today.

Say only good and kind words to them, regardless of their behavior. Show them your selfless love as they have shown it to you every single day. Treat them nice as they surely deserve it.

Even though this is a story about an old father and his son, it refers to all parents and kids. You should treat them right and speak kind words even if they are not old as the father in the story.

They are the only parents you will have and be proud of them. You can never know how many sacrifices they had to make just to see you safe and happy.

Thanks for reading this story. We hope it will inspire you to love and respect your parents even more than before.