How 15 Minutes of Walking Every Day Can Change Our Body

How 15 Minutes of Walking Every Day Can Change Our Body

Regular exercise comes with many benefits and effects on our mental, emotional and physical health. This is something we all know, but yet we never have time for a workout or to go to the gym.

Well, you do not need to make any excuses, no longer. Why? Because according to one study, it turns out that fifteen-minute walk on a daily basis can have the same effects.

It’s said that this habit of walking can add around 7 years to our life and help improve our health in different ways.

A professor of inherited cardiac illnesses in sports cardiology at Saint Gorge’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust located in London, by the name Sanjay Sharma talks on this topic.

Sanjay Dharma says that becoming old may never be avoided, but people can delay the time they become old. People might look younger when they are 70 and might live into their nineties.

And it’s said that exercise buys you 3 to 7 years of life. Exercise is good because it acts as antidepressants, and it helps improve cognitive function.

Harvard researchers investigated the impacts of walking when it comes to cardiovascular health, and they found out that:

  • Walking for 3 hours a week leads to a 35 percent lower risk of heart attack and cardiovascular death and around 34 percent lower risk of stroke
  • Walking for half an hour on a daily basis leads to around 18 percent lower risk of coronary artery disease
  • Walking 9 miles on a weekly basis leads to 22 percent lower death rate

What are the benefits of walking on a daily basis? Read on to learn more.

Benefits of Walking Daily

#1 Walking Improves Mood

It is shown that walking around 20 minutes on a daily basis helps boost attentiveness and self-confidence and it lowers the feelings of hostility and anger.

#2 Walking Helps Digestion

A physical therapist at Cancer Treatment Center located in America, by the name Tara Aleichem says that walking might help improve gastric mobility.

#3 Walking Enhances Bone Health

Those people who walk every day have strong and healthier teeth. It’s said that walking regularly can help boost bone density, lower the risk of fractures, shrinkage of the spine and osteoporosis.

Also, it can strengthen the bones.

#4 Walking Lowers Pain and Boosts Mobility

It is said that walking every day can help improve mobility in those people who have peripheral artery disease, i.e. PAD.

#5 Walking Leads to Longevity

Many studies prove that walking regularly lowers the risk of mortality. On this topic, Dr. Mercola says that you should pick a place that is good for barefoot walking such as a sandy beach or a grassy park.

There are many physical benefits of walking, but in addition to that walking barefoot lets your body to absorb free electrons from the Earth with the soles of your feet. This is a practice known by the name grounding.

These electrons have potent antioxidant effects which may protect the body from inflammation and its health consequences.

For instance, one review published in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health said that grounding which is walking barefoot on the ground, might help improve a few health conditions, including the following ones:

Fasting sugar levels with people who have diabetes

  • Sleep disturbances and sleep apnea
  • Indicators of osteoporosis
  • Different types of pain such as joint pain and chronic muscle pain
  • Heart rate variability
  • Respiratory and asthmatic conditions
  • Immune system activity and response
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Stress
  • PMS
  • Energy levels
  • Hypertension

Well, you do not need more reasons to start walking. This can be time well spent with your partner, or maybe time for yourself that will help you recharge.Either way as long as you are walking things will be fine.